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Thank you, students, for making this year a special one for me.  I have wonderful memories that I will take with me wherever I go.  Please stay in touch.

Meg (Ms. Roy)


HW (due 21/5):

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1.  Revise (type) your essay.  Hand in this final draft, the original draft, and your peer reviewer’s grade/explanation.

2.  Write 3 questions for our surprise guest from the US.  She is a veterinarian and teacher.  Please write appropriate questions asking about the US, work there, and other cultural aspects.

(QUESTIONS to CONSIDER before you WRITE worksheet )


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June 27th, 10:45-13:15, Room 9

Almost there!
Ms. Roy


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Parallel Structure:

Similarly formed phrases & lists:


Word choice (descriptive, persuasive, or otherwise):



23/4 – Rhetorical Strategies Essay

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23/4 – Rhetorical Strategies Essay

  • HW (Due 7/5):
  • Grade your partners paper, as if you were the teacher.
  • On a separate sheet of paper, write the grade that you would give (on the 9 point scale, according to the AP rubric posted in the link above) along with a 1 paragraph explanation as to why you assigned that particular grade.
  • Bring paper and grade explanation to class on 7/5.

See you then!

Rhetorical Strategies & “A Modest Proposal”

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  • Print this article (AP 2008 Question 2)
  • Annotating is recommended
  • Respond to the prompt in 500 words
  • Handwrite, time yourself for 2 hours
  • DUE: April 23rd.  IN CLASS.  (Only email if you will not be present that day.)

Rhetorical Strategies

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Rhetorical Strategies

Full version of topics to be discussed tomorrow.