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Thank you, students, for making this year a special one for me.  I have wonderful memories that I will take with me wherever I go.  Please stay in touch.

Meg (Ms. Roy)

HW (due 21/5):

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1.  Revise (type) your essay.  Hand in this final draft, the original draft, and your peer reviewer’s grade/explanation.

2.  Write 3 questions for our surprise guest from the US.  She is a veterinarian and teacher.  Please write appropriate questions asking about the US, work there, and other cultural aspects.

(QUESTIONS to CONSIDER before you WRITE worksheet )



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June 27th, 10:45-13:15, Room 9

Almost there!
Ms. Roy


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Parallel Structure:

Similarly formed phrases & lists:


Word choice (descriptive, persuasive, or otherwise):



23/4 – Rhetorical Strategies Essay

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23/4 – Rhetorical Strategies Essay

  • HW (Due 7/5):
  • Grade your partners paper, as if you were the teacher.
  • On a separate sheet of paper, write the grade that you would give (on the 9 point scale, according to the AP rubric posted in the link above) along with a 1 paragraph explanation as to why you assigned that particular grade.
  • Bring paper and grade explanation to class on 7/5.

See you then!

Rhetorical Strategies & “A Modest Proposal”

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  • Print this article (AP 2008 Question 2)
  • Annotating is recommended
  • Respond to the prompt in 500 words
  • Handwrite, time yourself for 2 hours
  • DUE: April 23rd.  IN CLASS.  (Only email if you will not be present that day.)

Rhetorical Strategies

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Rhetorical Strategies

Full version of topics to be discussed tomorrow.

MLA, APA, Commas, Dashes, and “Got”

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  • MLA
  • APA
  • Commas and Dashes
  • Other words for “got:”

    She never got married.
    She never married.

    They got acquainted.
    They became acquainted.

    He got dumped.
    He was dumped.

    She got a degree from Oxford University.
    She received a degree from Oxford University.



Prepared Questions for Conversation Students

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Attention (recent) conversation students:

Here is a list of questions that you may want to think about how you would respond to in preparation for the final exam.  I know you will have a new teacher, but I figured this wouldn’t hurt!

Hope you are having a great term!
Ms. Roy

Prepared Questions


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Your writing assignments will be due within the first 2 weeks of next term.
If you hand it in on Thursday, Jan. 30th, I will give you extra credit, but all grades on this assignment will be applied to next term.
Please let me know if you have any questions!
(Integrated Skills assignments are still due this Wednesday.)